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Carol Hudgens, MSW

I closed my psychotherapy practice after becoming dissatisfied with the insurance reimbursement process and other issues that impacted my ability to provide high quality mental health services to my patients.

As I took some time off to rethink my career possibilities I discovered the wonderful world of Alpacas. This led to a 12 year adventure as the owner of an Alpaca breeding farm, with a small herd of about 30 mostly female Alpacas. They are known for their beautiful and highly prized fleece which we processed into yarn and other handmade items for sale.

It was a wonderful experience caring for these amazing animals and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity it provided to learn some valuable life lessons along the way.

Helping Women Reach Their Goals

As your Life Coach I can be instrumental in helping you identify your new life goals, create more balance in your life, and help make your goals become a reality. If you too are a woman of a certain age and would like to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from creating a more fulfilling life, I will be happy to schedule a FREE phone consultation to discuss the benefits of Life Coaching in helping you reach your goals. 

Why I Became a Life Coach

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My motivation to become a Certified Life Coach for women over 50 began when I became interested in helping women in midlife and beyond who find themselves struggling to negotiate all the changes and challenges that arise in this next life stage, while striving to remain active and engaged in life.

I am uniquely qualified to help women in this age group, as I have faced many of the same issues that we all deal with as we age and have found much to celebrate while living my life with passion and purpose.

I survived a serious childhood illness, I have lived through divorce, been a single mother, remarried a kind and loving man and established a blended family. I helped raise stepchildren along with my own children, which at times was difficult and challenging. I’ve known heartbreak and loss, and experienced both failure and success along the way. My resilient spirit has kept me going during the tough times and has helped me celebrate my triumphs during the good times.

As your Life Coach I can help you see the possibilities for growth and change that are available to you and assist you in moving forward to make your ideas become a reality. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Life Coaching I will be happy to schedule a FREE phone consultation. Just fill out your contact information and I will be in touch very soon.

A Few More Fun Facts About Me

I'm the mother of 2 adult sons and two stepsons, a grandmother of 4, a wife, and a loyal friend to many!

I'm a passionate and lifelong animal lover, rescuing numerous dogs and cats , and even a couple of horses over the years who became treasured members of our family.

For many years my family and I lived on a rural property and owned several horses and eventually a herd of Alpacas which we bred for their beautiful fleece.

I embraced that lifestyle and learned to spin my alpaca fleece into yarn which I continue to do as a creative outlet that brings me pleasure and a sense of contentment, almost like meditation.

My husband and I now live on a smaller property with our 5 dogs and  our recently added small flock of chickens!  I'm proud to say that I'm now a chicken Mama with seven hens who are endlessly entertaining and who provide fresh eggs as well as becoming beloved pets!

I love an adventure, and went on an amazing trip to Greenland a few years ago with a good friend. We hiked the steep ice fiords, sailed among the glaciers,  and actually stood on the Greenland Ice Cap.  A trip to remember and we treasure the memories !

I HAVE ALWAYS HAD 2 PASSIONS IN LIFE: My love of animals and all living beings, and my dedication to helping people achieve their goals and live their best life!

Let's Get Started

Life Coaching with an experienced certified Coach is an excellent vehicle to help you overcome obstacles that are holding you back from creating the life you want to live.

It offers a safe and confidential place to discuss the various options for your future as well as the opportunity to explore any feelings of anxiety and uncertainty you might be having, with a caring and supportive Coach.

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Let's set and achieve your new life goals.

If you are considering working with a Life Coach, I suggest you ask yourself these 2 important questions. "Where am I at? Where Do I want to go?"

I can help you get there. Contact me to schedule a FREE Phone Consultation to discuss the benefits of Life Coaching

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