What are the Long Term Benefits of Life Coaching?

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The benefits of Life Coaching are wide ranging and unique to each client’s goals and objectives.

A positive coaching experience with a caring, supportive Coach can be life changing and result in a whole new way of thinking and being.

Clients have also reported a number of other specific benefits that have had a major impact on their lives moving forward:

  • Overcoming the fear of taking risks and being free to make life choices based on your hopes and not on your fears is very powerful. Imagine the freedom you will have to embrace life’s possibilities with confidence and not dread!
  • Giving up the self-limiting beliefs that impede your ability to grow and flourish is important in maintaining high self-esteem. When you talk back to the thoughts that say “I’m not good enough . . .”, you create a mindset that builds on your strengths and competence and not on your perceived deficiencies.
  • Finding a new life purpose especially after retirement, is very powerful in allowing you to remain active and engaged in life for many years. It is essential to have a passion and purpose, a reason to get up each day with renewed energy and focus.
  • Creating more balance in your life is an important benefit mentioned by many clients, and is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and the other important people in your life. Balance means finding time for both projects and leisure, finding time to nurture friendships and family relationships, finding time to exercise as well as rest. A life in balance has all these components and finds time to pay attention to all of them.
  • Improved relationships with family and friends is mentioned as another very positive benefit of Life Coaching. Learning to mange conflicts in a more helpful way as well as developing better communication skills is often the result of changes brought about during Coaching.

Life Coaching Explained: What’s Involved

Life Coaching is a process that will assist you to move from a place of feeling frustrated or stuck in some way in your life, to a place where you will be able to make the changes in behavior or thinking or lifestyle that will allow you to reach new personal or professional goals. These changes can result in a more satisfying and productive life, the life you have always dreamed of achieving.

Life Coaching is not psychotherapy, and Life Coaches do not provide mental health services or diagnose or treat mental illness. If a Coaching client is in need of mental health services, the Coach is obligated to refer them to a qualified mental health professional.

Are you a woman who wants to make a change and consider new lifestyle choices?

Are you ready to make some plans but not sure how to begin? 

Are you uncertain and apprehensive about what lies ahead in your life?

Are you willing to take some risks to achieve your goals for the life you wish to create? 

What is the Process?

In the initial phase, you and I work together on the issues that you identify as important. These things are holding you back in some way and preventing you from achieving your goals.

I will not give you advice but at times I will offer a different perspective and encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and take some risks.

You are responsible for letting me know what you want to accomplish with my help and support.

I will hold your accountable for what you way you want to accomplish and will encourage you to take some action between sessions that move you toward your goals.

My job as your Coach is to listen very closely to what you say you want and then to respond and ask questions to help you see the possibilities for accomplishing the needed changes.

I will be committed to helping you grow beyond where you currently are into a life that is more meaningful and satisfying.

As your Life coach I will empower you to make the needed changes, but I will not solve your problems or do the work for you.

I Can Help

Life Coaching offers a safe and confidential place to discuss your feelings and your various options for the future, in a supportive and caring environment.
 As your Life Coach I can help you attain more certainty, assist you in devising a new life plan for your future, and help you move forward to reach your goals.
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What's Involved

As your coach I will listen to you closely and ask questions to help clarify your goals.

At times I will offer different perspectives. 

I will hold you accountable for what you tell me you want to achieve. 

I will not give you advice and will trust you to make your own decisions about what kind of outcome you desire, while supporting you in achieving all your life goals and objectives. 

I will facilitate your progress by asking you to take some action that moves you toward your goals between our sessions, sometimes asking you to move out of your comfort zone and take a risk.

Interested in Learning More?

For more information on the benefits of Life Coaching, contact me for a FREE phone Consultation to discuss how we might work together to help you move forward to reach your new life goals.

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