Accepting Your Aging body After 50

Accepting your aging body after 50

Accepting Your Aging Body after 50

It has been said that age is just a number!   However, your lifestyle and your commitment to doing the things necessary to keep your body and mind healthy play a big part, in addition to your attitude and mindset.

What is a healthy mindset regarding Accepting your Aging Body After 50

“Don’t worry about getting old.  Worry about thinking old”.  Good advice.

Your mindset and attitude are important in accepting your aging body after 50.

If you refuse to believe that aging is associated with physical and mental decline you will be more likely to engage in the same activities that you have always enjoyed and continue to thrive in the second half of your life. Aging Is Inevitable … Growing Old Is Not

Slowing down and taking it easy are attitudes that society has encouraged us to accept as we age and they are killers of motivation!

We can all remain active and engaged in life as we age, and modify our level of physical activity as necessary while accepting our aging bodies after 50.

A lighthearted look at the Physical Changes that Impact Women in particular as we age:

Dealing with the physical changes brought on by the passage of time is not for the faint of heart! READ ON!

LINES AND WRINKLES ON YOUR FACE:  Who is that stranger in my mirror?  Yes, there they are, the beginnings of lines and wrinkles and sagging skin, staring back at you each time you look in the mirror.  smiling woman

Where did they come from?  What can you do?  Can you begin to accept these changes?  Or do you panic and seek a way to turn back time?  You are not alone.  Millions of us seek out ways to rid ourselves of this unwanted result of living a long life.

There are some things you can do if you’re determined not to look “older”: These options include plastic surgery: a face lift, neck lift, eyelid lift, Cheek implants, botox, lip fillers and more.  Cost?  Approximately $25,ooo for a face lift, neck lift and eyelid lift.  Botox and fillers cost $1,000 to $2,000 initially and then another $1,000 every few months to maintain your youthful look.

Is it worth it?  Can you even afford it?   You could use that money to book a special vacation trip for you and your family and accept the fact that there is no way to permanently turn back the clock!  Good idea!

Investing in a good skin care and makeup line can be very helpful to keep you looking fabulous as you age!  As well as applying  a good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 40 whenever you are outside, even on shady days.  Just a suggestion!

THINNING HAIR: Remember your long luscious locks in your younger years?  Say good bye to thick hair!  Somehow our hair begins to thin as we approach 60.

Continuing to wear you hair in the long style of  your youth is not the best look.  A good hair cut and a short hairstyle can make even thinning hair look modern and stylish.

Then there is the issue of  graying hair which until recently most women denied by coloring it!  There are now some brave women who are experimenting with going gray and it has become a sort of movement.

However, there are still  many women like me who are more comfortable covering up their gray hair!  Sometimes vanity wins out, and besides, coloring your hair is a lot less expensive than plastic surgery!


SAGGING AND FLABBY SKIN:  Moving away from your face and neck, you now encounter your body!  Do you exercise to maintain your strength and fitness?  That’s very important as we age in order to keep bones and muscles strong.  Walking and strength training are the 2 exercises that do the most good for overall health.  shallow focus photography of person walking on road between grass

However, no matter how much time you spend working out at the gym, doing cardio and strength training, walking and even running, eventually your body will begin to show the signs of aging after 50.

We no longer look great in a swimsuit!  Our legs and arms become a bit flabby!  And the dreaded muffin top begins to change the shape of our abdomens.  This change is particularly noticeable during and after menopause.

What can you do? Well, there are surgical procedures for the body just like for the face, but they don’t last forever. Liposuction, body sculpting, tummy tucks, breast lifts as well as implants promise a new and sleek younger body.  All for a very high price! And these procedures also do not have a lasting effect!

Is it worth it to continue denying the passage of time?  Are there other ways to begin accepting your aging body after 50?  Read on:

A different perspective on accepting our aging bodies after 50

The truth is that there is no way to permanently stop the passage of time and the toll it takes on our bodies and self esteem.  But what I have discovered in my own journey is that what we focus on determines our mindset to a great extent.

Focusing on the negative aspects of aging and not accepting the inevitable changes taking place prevents us from seeing the gifts of aging which are numerous.

Taking our focus off our physical changes allows us to enjoy this time of life and to take advantage of all the positive aspects of living a long and productive life.  Don’t resent growing old.  Many are denied that privilege.  selective focus photo of woman in red floral shirt

I truly believe that remaining attractive as we age is based on the way in which we show up in our world and in our relationships.  Being grateful for our long life is reflected in the glow we see on the faces of many of us older women!

Maintaining a positive outlook,  having a meaningful life purpose,  having a rich social life, and continuing to remain physically active and engaged,  is the key to accepting all the changes that occur in the second half of life.

This mindset and attitude contributes to attractiveness, and strips away the negative stereotype that old age is a time of physical and mental decline.

We can show the world that a long and productive life is a gift, and that we women are making the most of it and not wasting a moment regretting the signs of aging on our faces and bodies!

We are the role models for the women of the future who will hopefully embrace their maturity and be grateful for the gifts of living to a ripe old age!

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