For Women Over 50: Living a Purposeful Life After Retirement

mature woman purposeful life after retirement

Thinking about living a Purposeful Life After Retirement?

How do you make the decision to retire?

Let’s say you are a women in your late 50’s or early 60’s and still thriving in your career or profession.  But you know the time is coming to make a change.  You realize you will have to make a shift at some point but want to do it on your own terms.  You want to make a lifestyle change and are considering retirement but are not sure how to figure out the next step in the process.

The idea of retiring and creating a life with new goals is appealing but may feel daunting and a bit scary.  It’s uncharted territory, as you have possibly spent many years in your current career or position.  It’s a familiar and comfortable daily routine.  Retiring represents a huge change in your world.  And for most of us change is difficult and uncomfortable.

What will you lose when you retire?

You might experience the loss of prestige that comes with having a career.  Or the loss of your identify as a member of a certain profession.  Then there is the loss of your income from your business or employment.  Also, the loss of power and autonomy if you were the owner of a business or in a high corporate position.

You will lose the daily schedule that gives structure to your  life.  You will lose the sense of purpose that came with your career, and many times the loss of self-esteem and feelings of being adrift and untethered.   You might say to yourself, “I’m retired, what now?”  Keep reading and start to consider the possibilities and the rewards of living a purposeful life after retirement.

What will you gain when you retire?

Looking at retirement from a more positive perspective, you will gain the freedom to choose how you want to structure your life in the future. It involves finding a new and fulfilling life purpose, creating a new set of life goals, and enjoying the freedom to relax and spend more time with family and friends if you choose.  You can decide whatever Living a Purposeful Life after Retirement means to you, and gives you the greatest joy and satisfaction.

You know one thing for sure, and that is that you want to continue to be actively involved and engaged in life in a meaningful way as you age.  Are you ready to take the plunge?  Ready to embrace change?

Practical issues to consider when planning life in retirement

There are many issues to consider when thinking about living a purposeful life after retirement.  Women need to develop an action plan to help in making some important life decisions.

Below is a list of possible life situations that will impact your decisions as you enter this new phase of life.  It is not a comprehensive list but addresses some of the more common ones that most people need to consider.  You may have more to add to your list as you think about your own life situation.

I urge you to sit down and write out your thoughts and ideas about each of these as you contemplate living a purposeful life in retirement. You can avoid being one of those who say “I’m retired, now what?” and then waste precious time trying to figure it out.

The list below is simply a guide for you to begin thinking about your future and what is possible in creating your own best life in retirement.  A life that will be uniquely yours!                                              Start now by considering the following:

Are you married or have a life partner who will share your retirement years with you? If you have a spouse or life partner, you both will be making plans together to achieve a purposeful life in retirement, one that meets both your needs, with some compromises along the way.

Are you single/divorced/or widowed?   Going it alone in retirement has both advantages and disadvantages.  If you have been single long enough to feel comfortable, living a purposeful life after retirement offers the freedom to create the life that best serves you and meets your needs.                         If you are recently divorced or widowed you may be struggling to navigate this uncharted territory.  It may be helpful to obtain the services of a lawyer, an accountant, a financial planner and possibly a therapist or Certified Life coach to assist you in this transition.

It is very possible to learn how to live happily as a single woman in retirement!

What is your financial situation?  Do you have Retirement income from savings or other sources?  Figuring out your financial resources and learning how to live within your retirement income is important to know before you actually retire.  It is equally important to know if you can financially afford to retire.

What is your overall level of health?  Your health status will be another important factor in determining your choice of lifestyle in retirement.  Are you active and healthy and able to live with no current restrictions?

Do you have a medical condition that will impact your life during retirement?  It’s important to know your health status, and seeing your physician on a regular basis is a way to monitor your overall health and level of fitness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Living a life that includes exercise and healthy food is essential for maintaining strength and mobility as you age.  If you already live an active life with good nutrition and regular exercise, keep doing it!  It you are somewhat of a couch potato, see your physician and learn how to create healthier lifestyle habits.  If you can still walk, then get moving!  You are not too old and it is not too late!

What are your family obligations, if any?  Take a look at your current and future obligations that could impact your lifestyle: Adult children who need financial or other types of support, aging parents who need or will need extra care in the future, caring for grandchildren on an ongoing basis.

Making the decision of where and how to live:  Do you envision yourself living in a retirement community, in a condominium, in a single family home?  What about location?  Do you long to move to a different city or state to be closer to children, grandchildren, or other family?                                                                                                                                                             Have you ever considered retiring to live in a foreign country?  All require lots of thinking and planning!  It is an exciting time to create a new and purposeful life as you look forward to the future!

Final Thoughts :

A life with purpose is the one you create that has the most meaning for you! It’s having a reason to greet each day with enthusiasm.  The list of things to engage your interest is endless and might require some trial and error before you find your passion!  You might already know what you want to pursue and are ready to get started!

If  you find yourself unsure of how to structure your new life in retirement and need help in creating and meeting new goals,  I will be happy to set up a consultation phone call to discuss the benefits of life coaching and how we might work together to help you move forward and achieve the life you envision.  You can go to my website to find more information and how to contact me.



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