Radically Reframing Aging for Women Over 50

Woman On Beach Reframing Aging for Women Over 50

Want to live well into your 90’s while continuing to be active and healthy?

In this day and age it is very possible, and I can help you achieve it!

As a Certified Professional Life Coach I help women like you avoid growing “OLD” by making lifestyle choices that enhance the quality of your life and contribute to both your mental and physical well being as you age.

Want to know more about how to make this a reality for you?  READ ON

Aging has had a bad reputation for long enough!  Time to change it!

Traditionally in our society getting older has been seen as undesirable and to be avoided as long as possible.

But the good news is that attitudes toward aging are beginning to change in a positive way and the future of aging is looking up!

Why this change in attitudes?  Very simple.  PEOPLE ARE LIVING LONGER.

Many more people now reach old age, which is a fairly new phenomenon in the past hundred years.

Prior to the 19th and early 20th centuries the life expectancy for most people was about 60 to 65 if they were lucky.  Most women died well before that, after bearing 8, 10, 12, or more children.  One of my great grandmothers died at 36 after giving birth to 10 children, beginning when she was age 16.

There was no such thing as retirement back then.

Due to the advances in medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle people are living much longer these days and many can expect to live 20 to 30 years after age 65.

It is now your choice how you want to spend those years!

Rather than live those precious extra years in decline, you can choose to live a healthy, productive, and satisfying life for many years to come.

Healthy habits that enhance the experience of successful aging for women after age 50:



Having a sense of PURPOSE in retirement and later in life helps you live longer and healthier according to a 14 year study in the Journal of Psychological Science. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0956797614531799

A sense of purpose is crucial to your happiness and sense of well being as you age.

Retirement is the end of your career, not the end of your life. Think of retirement as the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next . . .

You must figure out that next chapter so you can continue to live a life that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.

Staying intellectually stimulated and being a lifelong learner is one step in that direction.

If you don’t want to retire at 65 there is now a movement to allow people to work into their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s if they are able. There are now more opportunities for older people to continue working even part time.


Don’t allow yourself to be isolated due to your age.  Continue to live in a diverse community and maintain contact and friendships with people of all ages.

Senior Citizens Communities that only allow people over age 55 to live there and ban children are not conducive to a healthy and active life as you age


There are few things that contribute to health more than keeping physically active, so stay active and move your body!  Walking, playing tennis or pickleball, swimming, bike riding, and strength training are all important activities that contribute to good health and maintaining a level of fitness that enhances your daily life.


Loneliness is a big contributing factor in older people’s decline later in life.  Don’t let that happen to you.

Having a social circle of at least 3 close friends is extremely important  for your emotional well being and life satisfaction.

Keep in contact with friends who are not so close but who are enjoyable to socialize with on a regular basis.


Develop a mindset of gratitude for whatever you have in your life that makes your heart sing

Make a list of 5 or more things you are grateful for

Make a list of 5 or more things you love to do and find ways to do them

Figure out how you are unique and be grateful for that uniqueness and share it with others


Keep an open mind

Be curious and continue to learn new things

Be interested in learning about others and their stories

Be an interesting person who others want to get to know

Be open to things you don’t understand

Be playful and try new things

Spend time out in nature and see the beauty you may not have noticed before

Exercise your brain by challenging yourself to learn a new skill

Never think of yourself as “OLD”.

You are a still a work in progress!


Be Mindful of what your are choosing to do in your Life and make modifications to remain healthy and slow down physical aging:

See your physician for regular checkups and keep up to date on your yearly tests: mammograms, colonoscopy, blood work, blood pressure checks, etc.

Eat a healthy diet and avoid junk food, which is one of the most important things you can do to remain healthy and active throughout your life!

Choose regular exercise and other active pursuits.  Maintain muscle strength by regular weight bearing exercises and lifting weights.

Choose to control your stress levels

Choose a positive mindset

Choose to practice Mindfulness

I wish you the best in your pursuit of a healthy, active, meaningful, and satisfying life!

How Life Coaching can help: If you find yourself feeling unsure about how to move forward and create the life you desire, I will be happy to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss how we might work together to help you discover your true passion and purpose as you journey through this life stage. https://www.livingbestlifeafter50.com/contact

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